1. May I know your delivery time?

Our delivery time is within 1pm-4pm, driver will arrange the delivery schedule and text the receiver before delivery. 

2. Can I pickup my desserts before 1pm?

All our desserts are freshly made in the morning from 7am to 12pm. The earliest pickup time is 1pm as we need to make sure all of the desserts are well chilled and in the best condition before delivery. 

3. Do you provide door-to-door service?

We don't provide door-to-door service. Kindly meet our driver and collect your desserts at the guard house for flat, apartment and condominium customers. 

4. Can I change my delivery date, time or address after I have made payment and confirmed my order?

The receiver details are NOT changeable after the payment has been made. Hence, please double confirm your delivery details before placing your order. 

5. Can I mix tart and cream puff?

Yes, kindly look for 'Mix and Match' in our menu option. 

6. What is the storing method of your desserts?

All of our desserts need to keep refrigerated at all time before consuming. 

7. How many days can your desserts be kept?

All of our desserts are best to consume within 1-3 days. 

8. Do you provide birthday topper and candle?

Yes, we do provide. Kindly choose the drop down options of 'candle' and 'birthday topper' during checkout. 

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