Bakesmores started since August 2020, from home baking until today, we bake in our baking studio based in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.

Story behind "BAKESMORES"

The name of “Bakesmores” came from the Chinese pinyin of “shen mo” which means "BAKE WHAT?". This is because of the funniest part when our team members were kept asking each other: bake what - bake what? when we were deciding on our menu. And hence, the idea of this brand name were born. 

Eventually, we decided to start with our Signature Tart at the very first place as we agreed that it is not always about celebrations. Sometimes, we are just looking for a down-to-earth sweet treats to satisfy our cravings. Therefore, mini desserts like our lovely Signature Tart and Cream Puff are in place!

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